Hillside Residence, San Francisco



Hillside Residence – a unique residential home in the natural mountain landscape. The project authors – experts from the architectural studio of Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects. Delicate and creative architecture of this beautiful building was integrated into a mountainside Tamalpais (San Francisco, USA). The courtyard is decorated with a spacious mountain home pool, which is visible through the glass walls. The exterior of the building gives residents and their guests a scenic panoramic view of the metropolis and the surrounding nature, transforming with the seasons. Hillside Residence is open air and light, but gives cool, privacy and tranquility. This ultra-modern “cell” in the mountains is the perfect place for a quality vacation. On the roof are solar panels that provide sufficient energy. The building is equipped with passive and active heating and cooling systems, battery and a tank to control the rainwater and sewage.



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