How 8 people can accommodate into a mobile house

In a mobile house area of ​​only 29 square meters fit everything you need for a comfortable stay so going on a little trip on your own, you want to take with you as much as possible of things and the right equipment.

The new model ESCAPE Traveler XL is a real mini-motor home. Inside you will find a living room, kitchen, toilet and several beds. Beds are located in a loft on top. You can get there by a retractable staircase. Thanks to the wide windows of the high-strength glass, there is always light in this mobile house. In addition to the compact and functional arrangement of the furniture, the house is literally packed with “green” technology. The rooftop solar panels, the side of the system is equipped with rainwater harvesting and in the bathroom is a composting toilet. This brand new mobile house is the perfect Traveler. The price for this mobile house is $72,800. Is it much or it’s worth every penny? you decide. Don’t forget about this Excellent small house of only 22sqm.

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