Another 14 amazing examples of compact houses
We presented you on an older post 10 Ideal cottages with less than 40 square meters, so we came up with another 14 beautiful compact houses. Almost everyone have the opportunity to build a dream home, but if you make everything with your own hands, you will be able to create a special, unique atmosphere, avoiding the standard and hackneyed approaches. And perhaps will be just a small house, but it will be filled with happiness and warmth.


1. The Crib in Strathmore
This fabulous crib was created by a group of architects from the company “Broadhurst Architects” for clients who have had a piece of land in Maryland. With nearly 25 square meters, this delightful house have kitchen, living room with gas fireplace, bedroom, bathroom and a nice veranda. It is made from previously used materials and equipped with a system to collect rainwater, solar panels, modern security system from bears, rodents and other unwanted guests.


2. A-frame hut


Assembling this lovely A-shaped house takes only a day, and will cost $ 1,200. It is designed by Derek Didriksenom from the company “Relax Shacks”, and built by Joe Everson from the company “Tennessee Tiny Homes”. The roof and walls are made of polycarbonate material, which is light and easy to handle. If you want to add the place from 6 to 9 square meters, you just need to raise the wall. In the house there are two beds that can be used as a shelf, a small kitchen with sink and mini-fridge.


3. Little House on the ocean coast
Amazing little cottage belonging to the designer of the company Mack Loyd Creative Cottages, equipped with kitchen, living room, bathroom, two bedrooms, gas fireplace, laundry and terrace. According to Mack, it demonstrates ergonomic housing space, so that an entire family can live inside. This assembly house takes only a week to build.


4. Floating house Foy and Louise
Foy and Louise, married couple from Maine, created the house about 10 years ago to rent it out. When the project was finished, they decided to live in it. House area of ​​just over 20 square meters standing on a plastic tray and pontoon. Unfortunately, it may flood suddenly. Louise must mantain water in the 55-liter water tank, to ensure a good functioning of shower and kitchen, in addition there is a system for collecting rainwater for watering plants. In the house there is a bedroom, living room and kitchen. At night it is illuminated by candles and gas lamps and the energy is possible thanks to solar panels.


5. Mobile ski lodge Zack
A pair of lovers of extreme skiing, Molly Baker and Zack Giffin, are constantly traveling from place to place, and they decided to buy a mobile home to be home everywhere. In the two-story house on the ground is a living room and dining room with kitchen with a small stove. In the guest bedroom and storage area can be reached by unusual stairs. The cost of the house is 25.000 dollars which, in our opinion, is a little bit expensive for what it offers.


6. The secluded studio
Located in the majestic forest, this modern house was built instead of building the “60s”, which stood here for decades. Inside the house in a modern elegant design, but he seemed trapped between two large stones – one supports, and the other – the basis for the terraces. Spacious house, as an area of ​​over 30 square meters, and the windows are large enough.


7. Secluded cottage
House of 35 square meters built of natural materials and equipped with energy-saving technologies, vaulted ceiling and large windows in the wall. In addition, there is a sunroom that can be used as a dining room or extra bedroom. The house has a fireplace and a kitchen.


8. Little House Kerry and Shane
The couple recently completed a three-month construction of a nice house area of ​​18 square meters. The basis for the mobile home was a trailer. House itself is equipped with a water heater, toilets, solar panels and large windows contribute to a better coverage.


9. Little House from the Richardson Architects
A small house and a bright exterior and interior. Area – 25 square meters. Equipped with a terrace in a rustic style. Interesting fact is that the terrace has a board which indicates comfortable wooden chairs made from previously used materials. Inside – two bathrooms and double bedrooms, kitchen and dining room. During the construction, materials used were stainless steel and painted plywood sheets. The house is located in a picturesque corner of the California coast.


10. Tree House
Tree house never cease to amaze. Many would like to stay at Camp Wandawega, located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, to spend the night in this house. The three-story building is located on an elm. On the spacious terrace you can relax in a hammock or dine in the afternoon. On the second floor there is a library and a bedroom.


11. Little House on Orcas Island
This house is hidden in the bushes and cedar elm trees on the island of Oscar, Washington. It is ideal for those who want to retire and want to be close to nature. A total area of ​​just over 35 square meters has a living room, bathroom and on the second floor a bedroom. As the outside temperature in the winter can be greatly reduced, the house is equipped with energy-efficient windows and insulation materials.


12. Matchbox
Unusual, but not less attractive house from designer Jay Austin is in the Boneyard Studios Vashigshtone. The owner of the building with an area of ​​13 square meters, is proud to announce that it is completely built from previously used materials with modern technologies for better protection of the external walls. The house has a rainwater collection system.


13. Ginger Cottage
Houses in Oak Bluffs American town are prime examples of how small housing can be also comfortable and beautiful. Many of them are decorated with ornaments in Victorian style and painted in different colors and are equipped with intricate terraces and a loft where is the bedroom. Renting this house per week will cost $ 1,800.


14. House with arched windows

This shabby but chic cottage is built on 95% of recycled materials. You know how much is the area of the house? Well, is an area of ​​7 square meters. From the company Texas Tiny Houses equipped with arched windows and stained glass. The stairs leading to the second floor, you can climb to the sleeping area. The interior is designed in a rustic style and have a kitchen, living room and dining room.

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