Comfortable house. 26 square meters ONLY


If you want to acquire your own house, but the funds are not sufficient, then perhaps you should think about buying such a small, but very cozy and confortable house. Designer Chris Haining managed to fit in only 26 square meters everything you need: from a kitchen and bathroom to the bedroom and even a second floor.
Comfortable_house_26_sq_just3ds.com_2Living Room

Comfortable_house_26_sq_just3ds.com_3Staircase to the second floor

Comfortable_house_26_sq_just3ds.com_4The ceiling is high, so you can stand

Comfortable_house_26_sq_just3ds.com_5The kitchen includes all modern appliances: LCD TV, DVD-player, microwave, oven, stove, mini-fridge and so on.

Comfortable_house_26_sq_just3ds.com_6Large windows letting the natural light enter

Comfortable_house_26_sq_just3ds.com_7Bathroom with a large closet with a place where you can put the washing machine

Comfortable_house_26_sq_just3ds.com_8Bath and toilet

View of the house from the street. The house can be put on a trailer and taken to the desired location, and the design of the roof allows you to remove the ceiling panels for a more comfortable transportation.

Comfortable_house_26_sq_just3ds.com_10Ground floor plan

Comfortable_house_26_sq_just3ds.com_11Second floor. The cost of the house is $ 70,000.

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