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Hari & Deepti

Duo of artists from Denver “Hari & Deepti” introduced its new multi-pictures that they make from paper boxes and light. A beautiful combination between these two, making from these scenes stories. Well, stories and...


House M

One-family villa M is located in an area, which represents a typical Slovenian landscape. That is why the design derives from standard architectural elements, from which, one is dominant – gable roof. The house...


3D bookshelf by Charles Kalpakian

French designer Charles Kalpakian presented an unique design of a 3D bookshelf with a great illusion. This piece of art is available in three colors: blue, black and silver.


Butterfly Beach Villa

A wonderful project, which has helped to unite the past and present, to preserve the charm of history and carry out reconstruction using the latest technologies. All this on a beautiful and stylish Butterfly...


Apartment Interior worth $10.000

  Studio Raca Architekci was tasked to create a modern space with a loft-style interior. Flat area of ​​41 square meters is located in Gdansk, Poland. The project budget was only $ 10,000, so...


Modern house by SAOTA

Architectural studio SAOTA completed design luxury modern house on a hillside with a panoramic view of 360 degrees on the surrounding mountains and the sea. Nestled below Lions Head this family home capitalises on...


Semiotic Alpine Escape

Stormy fantasy for young designers doesn’t give them rest. Italian architect Armin Senoner, proposed a concept of a futuristic hotel, located at an altitude of 2000 meters in the Alps mountains. Multi-story building will...


Open Book

  This apartment it’s only 50 sqm but we will tell you it’s secret. The first one is that it’s named: “Open Book”. Despite the very limited space, a young owner of an apartment...