Collage Mirror

The Collage Mirror was conceived as a result of the speed of our society, where changes are dynamic and occur acutely.

A unique mirror characterized by its versatility and evolving nature. Consisting of 55 pieces of different materials, textures and colors that can be moved and replaced with ease thanks to its magnet system. With this innovative concept the Collage Mirror becomes a living mosaic, where everyone can create different compositions depending on the atmosphere of the interior space or personal mood.
Who’s behind the Collage Mirror? Well, it’s Amarist. A studio of artists, designers and architects based in Barcelona. We wrote before about them, here: 50 Euro bills burnt to ashes inside a dining table. Fiction or reality?

More about Amarist: “Active in Contemporary Art and Design, we focus our work in the creation of furniture of limited edition and unique pieces. Amarist was born to create a unique experience through design, awaking emotions and communicating challenging or provocative concepts through functional pieces. We do not believe that design should be limited to purely functional pieces. Similarly, we do not believe that art does not have a specific functionality. Therefore, at Amarist Studio we merge these two worlds into two lines of creation: An Abstract Line where we explore the sensuality of materiality and the complexity of volumes, developing art pieces containing challenging concepts. On the other hand, we propose a Figurative Line where we create conceptual art pieces with a common functionality, transmitting at the same time thoughtful, controversial or provocative messages.

Here’s a video version of the product:

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