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3D bookshelf by Charles Kalpakian

French designer Charles Kalpakian presented an unique design of a 3D bookshelf with a great illusion. This piece of art is available in three colors: blue, black and silver.


10 most memorable holiday destinations

Even 20-30 years ago in order to go on a vacation to some exotic country, required a lot of effort. Now, with some clicks you can choose a beautiful destination, an unusual destination. In...


Shylight lamps

Look here I we’ve found. I’ve found the shylight lamps. These shylight lamps resembles a living flower. When it descends from the ceiling, its “petals” are revealed. A special program makes shylight lamps “bloom”...


Unnecessary but cool inventions

We wanted for a long time to present you some inventions, so we came up with a pack of photos ready to be “tasted” by any one of you. Having in mind the sentence...


16 objects with a stunning design

Seems that the design of shelves, doors, benches and other items of everyday usage, tested for years, it doesn’t makes sense to waste time in trying to come up with something new in this...


Furniture can be a real work of art

Even the most common piece of furniture in the hands of an experienced designer becomes a true work of art. In our review – 10 original chairs that are impressive. So, here we go:...


Ancient Wonders in Modern Day

The Colossus of Rhodes Evgeny Kazantsev is a digital artist who specializes in corporate identity, advertising, illustrations and concept. He was commissioned to illustrate how various ancient wonders of the world would look if...